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Hmm... Well I was a late starter to the guitar. Back around '99 I went in for some major back surgery and was trying to find something to do while I was stuck at home re-cooperating. I figured, hell, I always wanted to learn how to play!! So, I went out and bought a new Ibanez acoustic and a couple of beginner books. I played off and on.. more off then on, until Mark got the bug and the rest... well... we are still learning but we ARE getting better :)

You can tell who my favorite guitarist is!! Zakk Wylde is one hell of an Axe Slinger and is doing an awesome job with his band Black Label Society. Of course, my number two just happens to be Randy Rhodes.

This page is the place where I can display my growing guitar collection. It is also where I can show my projects when the pictures become available. Hope you enjoy!! I have limited my collection to 10 guitars because of space limitations at home.


Epiphone "Bulls eye" Les Paul - This Guitar was my latest purchase and by far my favorite guitar. Of course I couldn't afford the Gibson model which was more then $2K over the price I paid for the Epi model. The only change that I made was pulling out the stock pups and replacing them with the Zakk Wylde EMG's. The guitar sounded good before but now she SCREAMS!!!

KRAMER "1984" Replica - This Guitar Is my second fav guitar. I built it from 1984 period parts... except that I had the neck made by Warmoth and put in new electronics. It doesn't have the same sound as my "Bulls eye" but VERY kewl to play. This guitar lives at Mark's and is the one that I record with.


Projects - Here a all of my project guitars and collection

Black & Yellow EVH Black & White EVH