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Kramer Focus


This was a listed as an all original USA made Kramer Baretta on e-bay and I paid $265 for it. I was a little more then upset when this thing arrived.
Then I later found out that it was a Japanese made Focus.
The guy wouldn't return my e-mails so I descided to make it a project that took a lot of time and money. She sure turned out better then expected.
The pictures can't capture the awesome beauty of the white pearl. It is now an explosive guitar.
The first picture is from his auction on e-bay. It looks clean there! The rest of the pictures are before.. and after shots.
I replaced the pup, electronics and volume POT. Everything else is from the original guitar that I received. I took this into Guitar Center and made a few $$ out of the deal.
07_1_b.jpg (28kb) DVC00020.jpg (43kb) Dsc01298.jpg (105kb) DVC00021.jpg (44kb) Dsc01299.jpg (48kb)
DVC00023.jpg (46kb) DVC00022.jpg (56kb) DVC00026.jpg (36kb) Dsc01266.jpg (200kb) Dsc01300.jpg (54kb)
DVC00024.jpg (36kb) Dsc01302.jpg (27kb) DVC00025.jpg (38kb) Dsc01303.jpg (31kb) Dsc01304.jpg (70kb)
Dsc01296.jpg (123kb) Dsc01297.jpg (58kb) Dsc01305.jpg (102kb)